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All Day Dining

Posted March 23, 2016

Many people working in foodservice will have noticed that all day dining is definitely a trend – and a big one at that. We’re not just talking about all day breakfast – we’re talking non-restrictive menus that don’t limit food items to particular times of day. Consumers are changing their habits and are eating out more, and at different times of day.

Given the rise of the trend, and the number of venues offering small plates and menus that are available from open until close, the movement of customers to establishments that they can drop into at any time is being felt across the state. Traditional meal periods have been gradually disappearing over the course of the last decade and today, fewer people eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and more people graze when their appetites and schedules allow.

The all day breakfast is an easy way for many establishments to offer an all day menu. The costs of traditional breakfast products such as bacon and eggs makes their all-day introduction relatively cost effective, and many people will happily eat them at any time during the day. Brunch is a massive trend on weekends especially, and many customers heading out for their first meal of the day at 11:30am don’t want to be presented with a lunch menu.

That said, all day dining is not for everyone and it has challenges, including staffing for an all-day dining approach instead of a traditional two or three shift structure. But when it’s known that the number of meals and snacks being purchased outside traditional meal times is increasing, it’s a challenge that those outlets wanting the increased business need to rise to.

This topic will be discussed at the Talking Food Stage during Fine Food Queensland by John Hart, CEO of Restaurant & Catering Australia. The session Formal vs Informal Dining, where trends such as small plates that facilitate all day snacking will be looked at, and ideas on how to work with this trend in your own business are tabled. View the timetable here.

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