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Changing Trends in Hospitality

Posted March 15, 2016

The constantly changing trends and business environment in hospitality create hard-learnt lessons and sometimes the best handbook to survive them is someone’s own experience. Learning from them first hand is critical – which is why Fine Food Queensland will host industry experts whom have navigated the hospitality minefield and now use their knowledge to support other businesses – i.e. you!

This year’s Talking Food Stage discussions will include a veritable line up of industry experts: discussing impact of loyalty programs will be Adam Posner, CEO of Directivity; Luke Godfrey from Holman Webb Lawyers will discuss food prosecutions under the Food Act 2006 and CEO of Profitable Hospitality Ken Burgin will share on attracting and retaining the right staff.

The recent food trends changing hospitality’s scene are a little daunting to render – food trucks have taken cities by storm and redesigned the hospitality process. With the ability to cater to different audiences both geographically and demographically, the multiple facets of a food truck business are an intriguing change to the ‘brick and mortar’ way of doing things, which is why Fine Food Queensland is excited to host a tableau of food truck managers to discuss their businesses and nature of the innovative concept. Better yet, they’ll explain how new players can enter the industry at a lower price point and what makes it all work well – or work horribly, and how you can learn from it.

And forget video killing the radio star, is mobile killing the loyalty card? Adam Posner, CEO of Directivity, will be asking questions around the feasibility of membership programs, their proposed vs. their actual return and whether or not these programs are a profitable business growth strategy to begin with.

A suspension or loss of your food business licence poses significant risks on your business and its reputation. Luke Godfrey of Holman Webb Lawyers will shed light on understanding your rights with a case study on a hypothetical prosecution to explain the key steps involved, and how to properly respond to legal proceedings.

Understanding big data and its application to your business is also vital as things become systemised and businesses are forced to play catch up with each new app update. Dave Malcolm, CEO of Marley Spoon runs a business built on efficient technology – but also giving consumers what they really want, delicious, fresh food delivered to them easily. Using big data and technology, Dave has been able to redefine the supply chain, created real time for procurement, logistics, and minimised waste – systems that are relevant to every business in the food sector.

No doubt, the depth of knowledge and wisdom at Fine Food Queensland’s Talking Food Stage will stand any business owner and manager in good steed for building solid and successful businesses.

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