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Talking Food Stage

Reputable industry insiders shared their experiences and knowledge to enable you to grow your business and achieve future successes. Here’s what took place across the three days of the show:

Sunday 10 April
11:00 - 11:45 From the kitchen to the street – food trucks and pop ups

Food trucks and stalls are popping up all year around enticing people to eat in various locations, try a multitude of cuisines and changing the culinary experience. Restaurants are investing in pop up stalls to attract different audiences (demographically and geographically) and new players to the food and beverage industry are able to enter the game at a lower price point. Learn the ins and outs of this lucrative innovative concept of foodservice.

  • Julian D'Souza

  • Dylan Pires

  • Katrina Pires

  • Jemanda Hannouf

  • Jordan W. Birchall

  • Irma E Pacheco

  • John McIntosh

  • Justine Yeong

12:00 - 12:45 Out of Home Food & Beverage Trends - People Eat With Their Eyes

Expert OOH research from a marketer’s perspective provides a snapshot on how to best market your product in the Australian market place. This presenter has been at the hub of most leading FMCG & FoodService businesses for excellence. By using 30+ years in the Food industry David will share key in sights, you will understand the latest Food & Beverage trends and what shapes your customer experience to the long term benefit of marketing of your product. Learn the power via the annual survey results achieved by those FMCG & FoodService companies whom have applied this knowledge and expertise that has made the real difference between being on both the Shelves, Pantry and what is being purchased in this volatile market!

  • David Parnham

1:00 - 1:45 Loyalty programs – what’s the point?

In a world cluttered with loyalty programs where every café and their competitor have a coffee card or some sort of loyalty program, why should any business even consider a loyalty program? in the changing consumer and technology landscape do loyalty programs really work? Is mobile killing the loyalty card? Do members of programs spend more? Are programs a profitable business growth strategy? Do programs genuinely drive customer loyalty?
Adam Posner will answer all these questions (and more) and will share insights and the tips and traps to make a loyalty program a valuable business growth strategy.

  • Adam Posner

2:00 - 2:45 How Restaurateurs, Cafes and Bars can increase business efficiency with technology

Have you taken full advantage of the benefits of point-of-sale (POS) software solutions? The payment options offered the speed of the transaction, the ability to tailor transactions to the business and customer needs each have an enormous impact on customer satisfaction and the overall success of a business. However the POS landscape is changing with the introduction of hand held devices which can go past merely completing transactions. Automating inventory control, allowing customers to order at the touch of a screen, loyalty offerings and more mean that a business can not only increase customer satisfaction but also efficiency and productivity.

  • Burt Admiraal

Monday 11 April
11:00 - 11:45 Coffee – Liquid Gold

The Australian coffee industry is considered the best in the world. Due to the demand for our products and expertise, we are driving innovation in the coffee space globally and domestically. As such the industry has grown strongly over the past five years and is expected to keep soaring driven by coffee sales. Wayne Fowler, Coffee Economist will discuss coffee trends and how the variable price of coffee impacts your return on investment.

  • Wayne Fowler

12:00 - 12:45 Incorporating lifestyle trends into your business

The biggest spike in the food service market has come from health conscious customers opting for lifestyle choices to be incorporated into their food options. Today there are a range of businesses solely focused on these trends with gluten free, paleo, raw, vegetarian and vegan businesses popping up all over Australia. Whilst you don’t have to completely change your menu to suit these lifestyle choices, you should at least include them if you want to retain customers. Learn from industry leaders why this change is necessary and how you can benefit.

  • Sofie Van Kempen

  • Kate Williams

1:00 - 1:45 Prosecution of a Food Business Under the Food Act 2006

With the risk of significant fines, a suspension or loss of your food business licence and damage to your business’ reputation, understanding your rights, the Court process and being properly represented in legal proceedings is fundamental. An appreciation of the legal process from the initial inspection, including interim licence suspensions, through to appearing in Court will help you reduce the anxiety and cost involved in legal proceedings.

However, legal proceedings are far from simple to understand and can be complex and daunting. Therefore, this talk will present a case study on a hypothetical prosecution to explain the key steps involved and how to properly respond to legal proceedings in order to save time, money and most importantly your reputation.

  • Luke Godfrey

2:00 - 2:45 Attracting and retaining the right staff

Attracting and recruiting right staff is a major concern of the food and beverage sector. The hospitality industry has one of the highest staff turnovers across the board. The cost of employee turnover is substantial and the need to get it right the first time is crucial to a business’s success. The question remains of “how” to get it right? Leading hospitality recruitment experts will highlight key focus areas to ensure you are getting the most from your staff and attracting the right prospects.

  • Ken Burgin

3:00 - 3:45 How to increase your online social profile – top trends across Australia

Word of mouth is by far the cheapest and most effective form of advertising and marketing. Approximately 85% of Australians own a smart phone with instant access to dining information at just a swipe of a screen. Therefore it is now more important than ever to provide your customers with distinctive and pleasing dining experiences in order to influence how others will perceive your business. New customers will surf online for reviews, food images and articles about your business before actually visiting your establishment whilst current customers will leave positive/negative comments dependent on their experience. Learn how to increase to respond to negative feedback to increase your online social profile and attract and retain customers from the best in the business.

  • Tony Percuoco

  • Ramon Olsen

  • Ken Burgin

  • Rachael Hedges

Tuesday 12 April
11:00 - 11:45 Will insects feed the world?

What will we be eating in the future? Insects are just one of the possible protein sources that help sustain our booming population. Delicious, nutrition and sustainable….open your mind and your mouth to learn more about how edible insects will help feed the world.

  • Skye Blackburn

12:00 - 12:45 Restaurant Labor and Cost of Good Hacks

The restaurant Industry is substantively the most difficult industry within which to succeed; it has endemically low net profit, high failure rates, is ubiquitous and largely non-differentiated, has low-to-no entry barriers, is capital intense, with extreme intra-week and seasonal revenue fluctuations, and is wildly susceptible to economic fluctuations.
Yet we continue to pursue the very same, traditional KPI’s we always have, doing what we have always done, getting what we have always got.

This session will discuss how to conceive and perceive your own unique performance indicators, and shape your operation for sustained financial success, challenging the one-size-fits-all traditional approach that leads only to sore feet and ill-fitting shoes.

  • Ivan Brewer

1:00 - 1:45 Formal vs Informal Dining

Consumers are increasingly time poor and being driven towards more casual forms of dining with share plates, smaller tapa’s style options and street food becoming more popular. More food businesses are moving towards a walk in basis and refusing to take formal bookings increasing their popularity and creating a sense of urgency among customers. This begs the question of which option is best, formal or informal dining? Learn the benefits of both and how you can incorporate aspects into your business to increase your profit margin.

  • John Hart

  • Mina Ali

  • Tony Percuoco